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In June 2020, Apple announced a series of iOS 14 policy changes that are expected to take effect in Q1 of 2021.

Facebook has said these changes will adversely affect the way its ad systems work, and may impact advertisers' ability to reach people with personalized ads.

More specifically, this disruption may significantly affect advertisers using pixel, as well as iOS 14 app developers and publishers.

Facebook has claimed this will especially impact small businesses, but this has been criticized by many as a misleading campaign.

What to do:

Main actions for Advertisers using Web Events

If you are an advertiser on Facebook that optimizes on web events, there are several actions you can take today to help you prepare.

  1. Verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager. (PDF, step-by-step video) (if required)
  2. Prepare to operate with a maximum of 8 conversion events per domain.
  3. Anticipate changes to attribution windows and update automated rules, if necessary.
  4. Review ads and ad sets that will be paused via the Resource Center tab in Facebook Ads Manager and update or replace them.
  5. Visit the Resource Center within Ads Manager which will alert you to upcoming changes, and guide you through the required actions to take ahead of Apple’s enforcement. 

Main actions for App Advertisers

  1. Update to the Facebook SDK version 8.0 or above. If you use a Mobile Measurement Partner, confirm you’re using the version of their SDK that supports Apple’s SKAdNetwork API.
  2. Set up your conversion schema in Events Manager to optimize for App Events, Value and Mobile App Installs with Automated App Ads.
  3. Plan to create iOS 14 app install campaigns with within the limits of one ad account per app, nine campaigns per app, and five ad sets per campaign of the same optimization type.

How to configure the top 8 events in Events Manager

You will be able to manage your events through two tabs in Events Manager:

  1. The Aggregated Event Measurement tab:

This tab will show the top 8 events that are automatically configured by Facebook based on your previous activity. These events will receive reporting under Aggregated Events Measurement, though that reporting will be limited compared to reporting available today because of the limitations of Apple’s SKAdNetwork.

If the events configured automatically by Facebook are not the ones that you want to optimize against, Events Manager is where you will be able to go and:

  • Add in events not included in our proposed 8
  • Stack rank your top 8 according to your strategic objectives

2. The “Pixel/Conversion API” tab: 

With Conversions API, advertisers can establish more reliable data connections by connecting data directly from their server to Facebook, while continuing to be protected via Facebook's privacy features.

When Conversions API is used in combination with the Facebook pixel, businesses can maximize the data they connect to Facebook, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

The Pixel/Conversion API tab includes the full list of your web events, including those beyond the top 8 that will be available for optimization with Aggregated Event Measurement.

Watch a product expert walk you through a step-by-step of everything you need to do.

See the Evolving Data Ecosystem Content Kit for more.

Why is there an 8 event limit?

Apple allows for a limited amount of data to be shared with platforms like Facebook when a user completes an event on a domain. Of that limited amount of information, Facebook chose to allow for 8 events per domain given it covers the vast majority of advertiser use cases and allowed Facebook to preserve other functionality. For example, Facebook is not enforcing additional campaign or ad set limits for web campaigns beyond the current ad limits per Page that apply to all advertisers on the platform.

If an advertiser is tracking more than 8 conversion events, but does not optimize for more than 8, what is the impact for them? Also, do page views need to count as one of the 8 events?

Once Apple begins to enforce its iOS 14 changes, advertisers will only be able to use 8 conversion events for optimization on a single domain. While not usable for optimization, events not configured as one of the 8 conversion events for a domain can still be used for partial reporting in Ads Manager and Website Custom Audience targeting. Facebook expects that Website Custom Audience sizes will decrease due to the loss of some conversion events from iOS 14 users. Landing Page View campaigns are not subject to the 8 event per domain limitation.

Is the 8 event limitation for reporting and optimization only subject to Conversion Objectives and Value Optimization? In other words, will we be able to run brand campaigns or campaigns optimized for link clicks and not face the same limitation? If so, will we be able to get reporting on those events?

The 8 event limitation is for Conversion optimization and Value Optimization campaigns. Brand and Link Click campaign optimization would not be impacted, because they do not use events to optimize. However, measurement may be impacted if they are attaching an online conversion event (pixel/Conversions API) to the ad. This reporting will be governed by Aggregated Event Measurement requirements that will cause some reporting of online events to be restricted, aggregated, and delayed based on Apple's framework.

Attribution Settings

On January 19th 2021, Facebook began replacing the account level attribution window with a new attribution setting accessible during campaign creation at the ad set level. For new ad sets, the setting defaulted to 7-day click and 1-day view.

Prepare for future attribution setting changes by:

  1. Using the Comparing Windows feature in Ads Manager to see performance across all existing windows.
  2. Exporting historical 28-day data for analysis if necessary. (Please note that historical data will continue to remain accessible via the Ads Insights API even after the changes go into effect).
  3. Updating any automated rules using a 28-day attribution window to prevent any unexpected adjustments in spend once the new 7-day click-through window default goes into effect post enforcement. 
  4. For more guidance on Attribution Settings, watch this video where a product expert walks through how measurement will be impacted.

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