Outcome Health


Outcome Health recruiters were continuously stretched thin.

Social media ads and integrated efforts helped fill the candidate pipeline for core teams such as sales.

Integrated Efforts

  • We were one of LinkedIn’s earliest clients using Life and Career Pages, and Apply Tracking for hiring
  • I worked across teams to optimize the social media profiles of 150+ employees and executives. For example, elements like the “We’re hiring!” text in LinkedIn headlines

Paid Social Approach

  • Chicago area, ages 27 - 45: this limit allowed us to reach audiences more than once, at less than $1K per ad
  • Excluded companies that historically sourced low quality candidates
  • Current and recent Job Titles that were most similar to the job listings
  • Ads showed the real people who were leading and excelling in their respective teams, including those who interviewed candidates
  • Ads were tested in multiple ways; it was more effective to run individual ads in individual campaigns, and to adjust ad creative (image, video)
  • Facebook and LinkedIn were tested against each other. Interestingly, both resulted in quality candidates for sales roles, but LinkedIn was more effective for roles including leadership and media production.
  • Many Facebook placements were quickly shut off due to performance, such as right-hand rail and marketplace.


• Social media ads generated 250+ job candidates

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