Jack's Frozen Pizza:

The Official Pizza of the Grill



The frozen pizza category declined each summer following 2013, in favor of foods associated with grilling. To compete with them, Jack's Pizza launched a 2014 campaign titled "The Official Pizza of the Grill." The campaign's integrated media not only reframed how people viewed the brand and category, but raised sales as well.


Simply posting our new messaging on social wouldn’t be enough. To drive awareness, engagement, and actual product sales, we launched the Ultimate Grill Takeover Sweepstakes. One gas grill was awarded each week for ten weeks. To enter, fans uploaded a photo of a Jack’s pizza on a grill or a photo that showed why they needed a new grill. Promoted social posts aligned with a content calendar and key promotion dates.

Additionally, bloggers generated original, branded content on burger boredom and the best techniques for grilling Jack’s pizza. These posts were also shared on social.


  • Jack’s experienced a 1.9 percent sales increase during the 2014 grilling months (June to August) versus the pre-grilling months (March to May), despite an overall 0.6 percent decline in sales of frozen food.
  • 2015 Bronze Shopper Marketing Effie Award (seasonal/event)
  • 2015 Gold REGGIE Award
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