SC Johnson: Glade


Team: Ogilvy


Glade's social media presence was distributed across a hub and spoke model: the "hub" was our team in the US, and the spoke was country/regional teams across the world.

Each region had its own unique guidelines for how to market Glade on social media. This included products in market, copy/image localization, seasonal topics, competitor factors, and more.


Our team established a global structure for producing, distributing, measuring and improving social media content.

At this time, organic social media reach was still a relevant indicator of audience impact. Organic content was also promoted to increase reach - either because it was performing well (e.g., engagement, views, clicks), or because there was a relevant objective (e.g., product or campaign focus).

Weekly and monthly metrics for champion countries and markets were shared with clients; several components were evaluated in depth:

  • Category competitive data (e.g. competitor page engagement, paid media activity, follower growth)
  • Facebook Page and Post insights
  • Social post component analysis
  • Post topic / value proposition
  • Brand product line
  • Image elements, copy, link
  • Review of paid and organic performance with Maxus team


As a result of this analysis, content topics and media spend were adjusted on a month-by-month basis.

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