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Shop Your Way is a subsidiary of Sears that allows users to earn points and find deals in a variety of shopping areas. Marketing campaigns occurred frequently and across channels to support deals, including those that were specific to major partners or seasons (e.g., Holiday, Winter).

Content Evolution

Due to brand preferences and promotional volume, we first sustained a high volume of monthly organic and paid social media content.

The initial challenge was to establish a weekly cadence for different content topics while maintaining a look and feel, even when there was no larger campaign to support.

To address the content mix, we refined standards through a Content Strategy and broader Social Media Playbook. For example, Mondays typically featured a Monday Motivational post. These combined images, video and/or text to inspire viewers and hint at timely product interests. Tuesdays were "Shoedays," where we included images of shoes and sneakers that tied to a moment or need (e.g., Summer tennis shoes).

All content aimed for relevance to a key date, especially when a brand promotion was involved. For example, we created cinemagraphs for Earth Day content.

Our creative team capabilities were also amplified from working with external creatives and influencers. For example, Stoffer Photography offered a new, objective perspective on content production, and more specifically defined creative guidelines that were not yet fleshed out in the Social Media Playbook. Photography gained a more modern, candid, and in-the-moment look and feel - in contrast to previously used stock photos.

Over time, every aspect of content development evolved - the quality of photography, a reduction in organic content, and an increase in paid social media promotion.

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