Venmo: Apple iOS 10 Integration


Team: Braintree


Through a partnership with Apple, Venmo was a launch partner for app integrations within iOS 10 in September 2016. The new integrations included:

  • iMessages for sending Venmo payments
  • Siri for sending Venmo payments
  • ApplePay for using Venmo as a wallet payment option


  • Awareness of new Apple integrations
  • Venmo app installations


We found a balance between Apple's messaging guardrails and what we wanted to communicate about the new integrations.

  • See the blog post that announced the integrations
  • Partnered with internal marketing and design teams, and agency partners (Creature, Noble People) to publish content across social media platforms. This included content formats, paid social support, and other parameters.
  • Outlined image, GIF, and video technical/design specifications for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Social media creative assets used videos and illustrations to educate audiences about the new integrations in simple ways (e.g., voice commands for Siri)
  • Helped write and revise copy for social media posts across platforms
  • Core video assets were kept short (30 seconds to 1 minute)
  • Pinned posts were rotated on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn during the promotional period


  • Communications successfully resulted in generating mass awareness of the new integrations, and Venmo app downloads

Additional Content Considerations

  • Header images for Venmo social media profiles
  • Snapchat content
  • Submission to Product Hunt
  • A FAQ for each integration
  • Explore other social media formats, including Carousel and Facebook Canvas
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