Collaborating Together

  • How best to communicate with me

    • I’m available on all channels (email, Skype, Slack, etc.) and always reachable, but not working 24/7
    • Be crisp. Start with the headlines. I prefer bullet points to prose.
    • I appreciate a heads-up email or text prior to calls/meetings that would otherwise be a surprise, or if a call is required after-hours
    • Be willing to hear my voice and recommendations
    • Be open to my questions
    • If you have a strong preference for how a deliverable should be structured, let me know
    • Tell me what I need to know, not what you think I want to hear
    • If you make a mistake or think something is heading off the rails, please tell me before the crash. Failure is great (as long as you learn quickly); surprises are not.
  • Ways I like to receive feedback

    • I love to learn and aim to always be a work in progress. I see all feedback as a learning opportunity - please include examples and suggestions on how I / it could be better/different
    • I’d rather have difficult conversations than things be unspoken or inauthentic, so just be straight with me
    • Direct, face to face
    • Evidence-based
  • What people might misunderstand about me

    • I am naturally introverted but have become more of an ambivert over time.
    • Having taken many different personality tests, I don’t place much stock in the MBTI assessment (ISTJ), nor several others. I think they can be helpful indicators but should not be concrete labels.
    • Please don't interpret my tendency to work alone or heads down as being aloof/disengaged
    • When I become part of a team, I gradually express myself more - joking around, feeling at ease, and being my truest self.
    • Quiet is one of my strengths
    • As I get to know a team, I become more extroverted and playful
    • I sometimes speak with a tone of conviction about a particular marketing topic. Or, I might raise a flag about something that can be improved, though I might not have a proposed solution. This is only because I'm passionate about my work and want to make sure the team has a shared understanding. I want things to be better.
    • I'm open-minded and think things can be done in different ways, so let's figure out the team approach together.
  • Personality Assessments

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