Article Promotion on Social Media



  • Check if any employees are experts or passionate about the article topic, and would like to weigh in or write it themselves
  • Determine social media platforms to publish on
  • Determine if organic targeting should be set, or open to all audiences (likely all audiences in this case)
  • Ensure that article/page is written to accessibility guidelines, including ALT tags; incorporate accessibility tags when publishing social posts)
  • Identify the top 2 – 3 popular hashtags related to tea, and the top 2 – 3 hashtags related to a niche subtopic


  • Consider asking employees to share posts after they are published on social media (e.g., internal email and LinkedIn company alert)
  • Pin the article to the top of the timeline on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (if published to all three profiles)
  • Highlight the article in temporary social profile designs (e.g., header image); employees can do the same through a social media toolkit
  • Plan a paid social outline; this would be crucial if the article has numerical goals
  • As the article covers different nuances, there can be more than one social post that each highlight an individual nuance – while linking to the full article
  • Catalog the content for future usage. For example, it might be evergreen for a certain time of the year, or could live in an Instagram Story Highlight, Instagram Guide, Pinterest pin or elsewhere

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