Brand Safety and Advertising


Blocking hate speech, misinformation, ad fraud, and more.

Questions to consider

  • How is our advertising placed?
  • Do we have placement controls, such as allow lists and block lists?
  • Do we have any additional checks and balances in place?
  • How do we know our results are valid?
  • Would your results decrease if we decreased our spend?
  • Review all controls with ad tech vendors
  • Review the entire publisher onboarding process

Sites to block from advertising placements (universal blocklists)

  • Breitbart
  • The Federalist
  • The Epoch Times
  • RT
  • GOP
  • MyMilitia[dot]com
  • OANN
  • OpIndia
  • Steve Bannon
  • The Gateway Pundit
  • The National Pulse
  • Trump campaign

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