Building Brand Purpose


Brand purpose is:

  • Why
  • The cause or belief that gives the organization a reason to exist and drives all activity.
  • The "To...."
  • How activity is directly informed by the purpose.

Brand purpose is not:

  • A proprietary model by Simon Sinek
  • A deep, grand, lofty statement
  • Who: people
  • What: products and services
  • When: time or moment
  • Where: place
  • How: qualities, methods, processes that get things done
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategy

A brand purpose is not just a phrase.

It informs and guides everything else.

  • Sometimes a brand's purpose is obvious. Many times, it is not, or has become muddled.
  • A brand's purpose statement doesn't mean anything as a standalone sentence.
  • The brand purpose by itself, might not persuade anyone to do anything.
  • Brand purpose is just one potential differentiator.
  • A brand's purpose should inform every single thing the brand does. Recruiting. Onboarding. Shaping culture. Partnerships. And much more.
  • If a brand purpose is true, it still needs strong follow-through in all the areas mentioned above.
  • Reviews on Glassdoor and other sites show what employees really think of the company.
  • Purpose means enforcing community guidelines. Hiding/blocking/deleting users.
  • Purpose must be reinforced by consistent actions over time.
  • Some brands do not have a purpose, other than to make money.
  • Many brands were not created with a purpose in mind, other than to make money.
  • Brand purpose is just a vanity project when there is no meaning in it.
  • Brand purpose is too lofty when the statement becomes incomprehensible.
  • Many people do not know a brand's purpose.

Questions to consider

  • Does our brand have a purpose?
  • Was this the purpose since the beginning, or did it change over time?
  • Who decided this purpose?
  • Do employees share this purpose?
  • What does the purpose really mean?
  • How does the purpose relate to mission, vision, and other terms?
  • Does the purpose sound like BS? Does it sound fake?
  • Does the purpose feel genuine? Authentic? True?
  • What is unique about the brand purpose?
  • What is meaningful about the brand purpose?
  • What does the purpose look like in action? In hiring, marketing, sales, employee retention, and a million other ways?
  • Do customers, employees, prospects, and other stakeholders know our brand purpose?
  • Which brands are strong, in and out of our space? Do we know their purpose?
  • How do we bring value to our customers?
  • How do we help people? Who?
  • So what?

Below is a list of brand purpose statement examples.

Some may be interpretations or other statements, not their official purpose statements.

This is to help inspire the creation of a purpose statement for other brands.

However, it is crucial to remember that a purpose statement, mission, vision, values, are not enough, alone or together.

They are only the beginning elements of brand and culture.

Brand Purpose Statements I Think About

Airbnb: To help create a world where you can belong anywhere.

Atoms: To build the best shoe. [Story]

CareerBuilder: To build a life that works.

Coca-Cola: To inspire happiness in every bottle.

Fabricate Studios: To inspire and empower designers of light.

Ford: To empower each person to pursue life’s journey.

Luvs: To honor the experience of experienced parents.

Method: The people against dirty.

Modelo: Brewed for those with a fighting spirit.

Nguyen Coffee Supply: We believe that coffee is personal and always encourage people to find their own voice and preference in the coffee journey.

Red Wing Shoes: To build a legacy of work done right.

Safe Camp: To be a safe space for social media strategy.

Seven Seven Six: A reminder to make great advancements but not to repeat great mistakes.

Sour Patch Kids: To cause a little bit of trouble, but mostly add sweetness.

Southwest: We give people the freedom to fly.

Brand Purpose Statements That Broke

Disney: To be the world's happiest place.

Dove: We believe beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety.

Gain: Everyone deserves to smell clean.

Google: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.

Hanna Andersson: To help family moments become lasting memories. (Strike 1, 2)

Robinhood: Democratizing finance for all. (Strike 1)

Starbucks: To be the third place. (Strike 1)

Uber: To evolve the way the world moves.

Ulta: On a quest to bring the fun side of beauty to all. (Strike 1)

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