Creative Ideas


This article will serve as a whiteboard for creative marketing ideas. I'll add more to it over time - and I'd love to hear your ideas!

Willie G.'s 3-minute start-up pitch is the best you'll ever see

Put "social" back in social media. A profile's timeline of content isn't a community at all. Consider linking a social media group or forum. Find where the relevant online and offline communities/networks already exist. If they don't, make them.

Rapid Prototyping

Grab a piece of poster paper and sketch something very rough - a web page, an app screen, whatever. With a bit of cleanup, this can be a visual for your minimal viable product.

Company Culture

Bookshelf lending library

Culture Code

Internal Wiki

Internal templates

Internal training sessions

Company swag (designed by team members)


Create custom Mac or Windows icons for files

Hold social media or marketing hackathons - a day or longer to rapidly prototype, make things better, or start working on ideas that have been sitting on the shelf

Getting to know people? Look up team members, clients, even family members on Crystal

Create a publication on Medium. Round up a team of authors that publish to it.

Sign up for SmartBriefs

Take photos of your physical business and add them to Google My Business

Mockup designs in real-world scenarios with Context LiveSurface

Get the brand featured in different email newsletters. A quick way to find new ones is to sign up for social media and email giveaways.

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