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Perhaps many people have forgotten how to be social on social media.

Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal…social media sites weren’t originally meant for people to show an idealized, curated version of their lives. A sort of digital monument to themselves.

But over time, that’s gradually what social media has become.

People have become more passive over time.

Scrolling through feeds of stuff. Content.

Publishing some content.

Giving the occasional like or share.

Depending on the topic, giving the occasional comment.

Or complaint. Or Message.

So what does it mean for a person or brand to intentionally be more “social” on social media?

Here are some things that come to mind:

  • Actual human interaction
  • Seeking out groups, communities, sites, forums
  • Seeking out specific topics (e.g., questions, keywords, phrases, hashtags)
  • Liking or voting on a post
  • Commenting
  • Having a discussion
  • Sharing a post or link
  • Trying to be helpful
  • Sharing a life or group update
  • Actually listening to, and speaking with, people
  • Actively working to build a structure and sense of community

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