Managing Social Media One Step Removed


It can sometimes get overwhelming to be on social media.

Especially when you're the one managing the social media profiles of a business.

There are ways to keep things running, without having your personal accounts tied to the business accounts.

Here is how to safeguard your mental health.


1.) Consider deleting your personal account.

2.) Create a “burner” account per client, brand or overall role. This can be tied to your work email.

3.) Make sure to go through every individual account setting. Additionally, I recommend you make it as close to a “real” user account as possible. If you use a clearly fake name or keywords like “test,” the system is more likely to flag it as a fake account. Lastly, keep the account active by logging in and making small changes (e.g., add a user photo and header photo), not just when you are managing brand activity.

4.) You can then gain access to manage brands, ads, etc. through their Facebook Business Managers.

5.) Groups may be trickier. Depending on the group, it might be worthwhile to get in touch with the moderator so they know to look out for your new account, and that this activity meets the group/community rules.

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