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Through the pages shown here, I'm an open book.

Sort of like a user manual for a person, the Manual of Me is not a mandate, but a handy guide for others to help them get the best from me at work.

The sections of the manual help ensure that colleagues understand not just who I am, but how to engage with me most productively.

In completing previous assessments and personality tests, I've found they did not truly capture a team’s ways of working. Consequently, they were typically left on the shelf. I hope the details in this manual remove some mystery, but also spark conversation.

This is a living document that I continue to adapt as my interests and preferences change.

Please let me know of points you think I should adjust or include.

The manual is inspired by the efforts of other professionals and tools, such as the Manual of Me platform.

I recognize that not all my needs and preferences might be met, but there is still value in making them clear for collaborators. I believe that this type of openness can help teams work better together, with less anxiety and confusion.

The Manual of Me: Jason King

About Jason King

My Favorite Things

Early Background


Case Studies

Skills and Software

Professional References

Interview Q&A

Questions for Potential Partners, Clients and Employers

My Values

My Ideal Work Environment

Collaborating Together

DiSC Assessment

16 Personalities Assessment

How I Research

Where I Learn

The Tools I Use (My Tech Stack)

How I Promote Safe Camp

The Short Version

My name is Jason King (no middle name, I took my wife’s last name)

Grew up on Long Island, NY

Earned a degree at Ithaca College

Chicago has been home for 9 years

Digital marketing strategist

Social media specialist

Lifelong student

Kind people are my kinda people

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