Social Media and Hiring, Recruiting, Talent Branding


Social media can impact the entire continuum of hiring, recruiting, and talent branding for a company.

It shouldn't start and end with a post about a job listing.

Below are some opportunities at each step of the way.

Job Listing and Recruiting

  • Where are job openings listed?
  • Which social media channels are used?
  • Which job boards are used?
  • How does the company pursue diverse talent?
  • How does the company partner with others to find talent?
  • What people or communities would not know about the company?

Job Application Process

  • Do applicants get ghosted at any step of the way?
  • What is the balance of automated and personal communications?
  • Does the team focus on people or resumes?
  • Is an automated tracking system (ATS) used? Is it too restrictive?
  • Don't ghost candidates. Close the loop. Let them know if you have changed the role or narrowed down the candidates.
  • Give as much context and feedback as possible, at each step of the way. Why weren't they a fit for the role? Was it due to a skills or experience gap?
  • Highlight areas of strength and areas of improvement
  • When genuine, invite candidates to apply again in the future
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a candidate
  • Do the right thing

Being part of the company

  • What is the onboarding experience like? Does it tie into social media?
  • Interactions with members of the human resources, recruiting, and/or talent brand team
  • Interactions with the marketing, PR, and/or communications team
  • Employee policies
  • Company social media policy
  • Social media toolkits
  • Social media training sessions
  • Social media council or committee
  • Company culture - are employees happy? Do they want to share their experience?

Employee Departures

  • Why do people leave the company?
  • How are employee departures communicated internally?
  • How are employee departures communicated externally?
  • What do the company's reviews look like on Glassdoor and other websites?
  • Is there a process for the company and for teams?

Employee Alumni Support

  • Will the company help the employee transition?
  • Is there an alumni network or community?
  • Company resources, portal, LinkedIn, support for finding new jobs, referral
  • Is there anything that would make employees want to come back?

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