Integrating Social Media and Public Relations


Social Media and Public Relations elements can bolster each other.

They can engage and build relationships with PR and media contacts, thereby earning coverage in relevant sites/publications.

Below is an outline of considerations to optimize these channels together.

Press Kit on the brand website

  • Website footer
  • Newsroom page
  • Embedded in each press release
  • Embedded in major milestones/announcements

Social Share Buttons

  • Newsroom page
  • Blog page
  • Embedded in each press release
  • Embedded in major milestones/announcements
  • Embedded in content

Building Media Relationships

The brand team can maintain a database (as simple as a spreadsheet) of partners and contacts, including common elements like email, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Their communication preferences can be noted as well.

1. Categorize a list of relevant media/publications/outlets/PR

2. Identify relevant, specific contacts at these publications

3. Pitching

  • Email
  • Social direct message (e.g., Tweet, LinkedIn InMail)

4. Place social ads to get in feeds

Targeting journalists with ads on social media sites can be a more subtle - and sometimes more effective way to get their attention, than bombarding them with emails and phone calls.

Target people with different combinations of parameters:

1. Custom Audiences (can be difficult to obtain identifying data in an ethical way)

2. Who are in the outlet’s office zipcode, excluding surrounding geographic radius

3. Who have listed the outlet as an employer

4. Have specific job titles (and maybe interests)

  • Journalism
  • Journalist
  • News broadcasting
  • News writer
  • News anchor
  • Columnist
  • Contributing editor
  • News editor
  • American Society of News Editors
  • And other relevant titles

5. Are on the social platform during their workday (consider other hours too)

Use a separate ad for each target company to determine which audiences view ads. By segmenting ads, bids can be adjusted more effectively.

Ad messaging can focus on a range of topics. In one example, a startup that recently raised funds could create an ad mentioning press it has already earned. This could lead to the brand's press page, a unique landing page, or elsewhere.

Other Considerations:

The Facebook Journalism Project

Tools to consider

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