Social Media and Safe Camp


The Safe Camp derives from a symbol that was used as part of hobo code. While the definition of both "safe" and "camping" varied from person to person, the symbol became a shorthand to mean that it was safe for hobos to stay in that area.

The symbol has since been adopted by brands like Roark Revival and music groups like Circa Survive to express their own missions and creativity. My resonance with the symbol is that I have always tried to find and foster a safe space: growing up, in personal settings, with teams and clients.

Growing up in a toxic situation meant I was forced to build up survival skills and grow up faster than normal. I wanted to find a safe space by bettering myself - learning and using my intrinsic drive. This led me to take on outside responsibility and advance quickly in my career.

Thus, The 'Safe Camp' is my approach to consultation: a safe space in which to remove guards, preconceived notions and judgment. In addition to my products and services, the field notes are meant to help guide the way.

By working through the social media categories, together we can:

  • Figure out the nuts and bolts of social media
  • Find answers, reduce stress, and provide breathing room
  • Create our own shorthand or field guide through strategy, process, and templates
  • Build a well-oiled machine - both on paper and in-practice.

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