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This article provides an outline for optimizing many aspects of a website for social media integration.

The following components are recommended for inclusion in an organization's primary website.

They should be balanced with needs around site loading speed - embedded content and pixels/tags may particularly affect this.

Page load and tagging

Open Graph Tags

Open Graph tags should be implemented on the brand's website in order to optimize social content distribution and sharing:

Social Logo Buttons

  • Buttons that link to organization’s social handles
  • On executive profiles, leading to their personal pages

Social Share Buttons

  • On main Careers page
  • On all individual job listings
  • On specific content items or pages
  • Consider buttons that allow users to share specific statements/content (e.g. Click to Tweet)
  • Other sharing functions


  • Link to sitemap in the page footer
  • XML sitemap for website crawlers (e.g. Google, Bing)

Social Media Pixels

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


  • Facebook author tags
  • Consider Medium as a viable solution to be or complement the entire blogging platform
  • Can have individual users be part of an internal or Medium team

Consider Embedded Social Content (where relevant)

  • Specific milestone brand or executive social posts
  • LinkedIn content feed in the talent/careers section
  • Video hosted on Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo - but embedded on site

Privacy Policy / Legal Disclaimer

  • In addition to any Terms and Conditions
  • Important for any online lead capture forms
  • Required for some social media ad formats (especially Lead Capture)
  • Can link to this policy as necessary from the social media platforms


  • A/B test different sections of the website, down to individual elements. For example, which layouts help us increase the quality and/or volume of job candidates? Of business prospects?
  • Integrations with Hubspot, Zapier, etc.
  • Consider website testing tools and features.

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