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Live video can enable brands to bring people together - communities, viewers, and so on. The real-time element matters so that the shared viewing experience creates a meaningful moment.

Live social video can:

  • Deliver news with speed
  • Create a largely unfiltered, transparent experience
  • Give exclusive access to an event or update
  • Show a peak behind the scenes
  • Establish a brand as bold and innovative

Live Video Considerations

  • Create a script or conversation guide, including key messages
  • Prepare video creative templates
  • Create a run of show with the full event details
  • If streaming more than one event, ensure the topics are diverse and will appeal to various audiences
  • Publish teaser content ahead of time to ensure people know when/where to tune in
  • Ask the community to share questions that they’d like addressed ahead of time and then the participants can answer during the stream
  • Consider disabling comments if the participants are not going to answer questions in real-time. For example, a stream may be filled up with simple comments like "Hello" in the first few minutes, when viewers are just joining the start of the stream.
  • Publish key takeaways following the event for people who weren’t able to tune in.
  • Reshare the video after the fact (if relevant) to further increase visibility.

LinkedIn Live

  • Many of the best practices from other video and live video placements apply to LinkedIn Live, but please be sure to check LinkedIn's technical specs
  • Like Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live can draw more organic attention because 1) the platform slightly prioritizes it, 2) people will see it due to interface alerts, and 3) existing followers will be more likely to pay attention, due to the format and their existing interest
  • LinkedIn Live sessions generated significant organic reach and engagement due to 1) the new format, 2) BI being among the first companies to use it, and 3) BI's existing large organic following

LinkedIn Live Resources

  • LinkedIn Live Resources Hub includes the following:
  • Intro video
  • LinkedIn Live overview deck
  • Info on our third party tools
  • Audience engagement tips
  • Broadcaster checklist

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