Safe Camp offers a range of social media services.

Together, they form a complete system for social media.

Most services can be created in your brand design and preferred format, such as a PowerPoint, Keynote, Document, or Wiki.

If you are interested in something that doesn't fit the mold below, let's chat!


Social Media Playbook

Outlines strategy and process for every aspect of social media that you select - a complete system. This may include:

  • Any of the services shown on this page
  • Custom sections (e.g., social creative best practices)
  • The role of social media
  • Integration with business, marketing, and other goals (e.g., recruiting)
Operations shapes

Social Media Operations

Refinement and documentation of the core processes that keep social media running.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual activities
  • Social channel access and security
  • Key stakeholders and roles

Social Channel Strategy

How to leverage the brand's core social media channels.

  • Digital and social mentions
  • Social response scenarios
  • Inbound monitoring process
  • Social channel roles, audiences, nuances, and tactics

Social Media Audit

Analyzes every aspect of a brand's or individual's social media presence. A great starting point to inform the other services.

  • Social media channels (e.g., look and feel, settings)
  • Digital and social mentions
  • Channel management activity
  • Social advertising
  • Employee and executive social activity

Paid Social Media Strategy

A plan for how social media advertising can support business objectives and perform tests.

  • Recommended annual budget allocations (e.g., priority, tests, ad hoc)
  • A plan to test and learn from specific variables (e.g., platforms, ad formats, audiences)
  • Audience targeting outlines per social platform
chart simple

Social Media Measurement and Reporting Strategy

Frameworks and considerations for how to measure the impact of social media activity.

  • Framework of metrics that matter
  • Organic and paid social report templates
  • Alignment with social dimension (e.g., content, community)
  • Framework for paid social metric analysis
Hashtag filled

Content Strategy

An approach to organic social media content.

  • Content themes or pillars
  • Brand messaging structure
  • Content calendar structure
  • Evergreen content
  • Content moments and hashtags
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Social Media Listening Strategy

Boolean queries to monitor topics across digital and social media.

  • Native social platform features
  • Free and paid listening tools
  • Listening cadence, key moments, and questions
  • Keyword and hashtag groups

Executive Social Media Presence

Recommendations for how to establish executives as brand representatives and thought leaders on social media.

  • Executive social media audit
  • Test interactions with executives' social media profiles 
  • Recommended social profile updates
  • Recommended thought leadership topics
  • Content calendar and engagement structure
employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy Strategy

Considerations and recommendations for establishing an employee advocacy program.

  • Pilot program outline (e.g., start with a small group or committee)
  • Communication channels (e.g., email, LinkedIn alert)
  • Content details (e.g., topics, formats, distribution)
  • Tools to consider (e.g., LinkedIn Elevate, Bambu)

Social Media Recruiting and Talent Brand

A strategy for expressing the talent brand and supporting recruiting needs through social media.

  • Touchpoint opportunities and tactics per social media channel
  • Opportunities and tactics across the recruiting lifecycle (e.g., prospect, alumni)

Social Media Community Strategy

How to build and foster a true community on social media.

  • Community Guidelines
  • Social channel settings (e.g., profanity filters)
  • Privacy and Terms of Use
Influencer magic wand

Social Media Influencer Strategy

A framework for identifying, partnering, and maintaining relationships with influencers.

  • Research and identification considerations (e.g., audience engagement)
  • Common agreement templates
  • Instructions for influencers to follow (e.g., Facebook and Instagram branded posts)
  • Post-engagement considerations (e.g., maintaining the relationship)
Sprint rocket

Sprint / Hackathon

A camp session all day, night, or virtual, to quickly generate frameworks and decisions.

  • A safe space for creativity
  • Practical decision-making
  • The messy middle of tackling big challenges, problems, and questions
  • Pre-read materials
  • Structured sessions, workshops, or breakout groups
  • Full group discussions
Crisis Response

Social Media Crisis Management


    Competitor Social Media Audit

    A look at what the other folks are doing.

    • What they're doing well
    • What they're doing not so well
    • Opportunities
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