Sometimes Asked Questions

  • What is Safe Camp?

    Safe Camp is my social media consultancy or studio. I focus almost exclusively on strategy and process.

    My bottom line is yours: I want you to be successful. That means identifying gaps and creating solutions together.

    And I might even advise that social media is not the right thing to prioritize in the moment.

  • Why the name "Safe Camp" ?

    Safe Camp is meant to be a safe space for social media creativity and consultation.

    That comes from a few things.

    I did not grow up in a safe space. I found one through friends and family in high school and college. I worked to build one through my campus roles, such as a Resident Assistant.

    I have also searched for employers and clients who foster a safe space. I've tried to do the same with my teams.

    Lastly, Safe Camp derives from a symbol that was used as part of hobo code. While the definition of both "safe" and "camping" varied from person to person, the symbol became a shorthand to mean that it was safe for hobos to stay in that area.

  • Why does Safe Camp focus on strategy and process?

    There's a lot we can do on social media.

    But a lot of it is not a good use of time, money, or even mental effort.

    That's why I focus on strategy in practical terms, to build a foundation that drives business results. And a social media engine that you can maintain.

    I don't want you to have just followers, likes, comments, and shares.

    I want your business to succeed.

  • I want to work with you on a service you don't have listed.

    Excellent! Please contact me and we'll chat about your needs.

  • I want to learn more about social media.

    I'm happy to answer any questions as we partner on projects.

    Please also visit Field Notes, Safe Camp's library of thoughts and recommendations on many nuances of social media.

  • Do you partner with agencies?

    I sometimes partner with trusted agencies, when there is an alignment with the brand, team, and project.

  • Why does Safe Camp have employees listed on LinkedIn?

    Safe Camp doesn't actually have employees, it's just me (Jason King).

    However, LinkedIn's employee listing helps to provide exposure to my trusted friends, creative partners and advisors.

    From design to even personal training, they may have a service that's right for your needs.

  • How does a typical project flow?

    It's a timeline with a few steps.

    1. First contact. This is usually the first high five you send me through a social media channel or my website. I gather details about your needs, and which services may be a fit. We might have some back and forth over phone and email.
    2. Project outline. I create an outline of recommended projects, their fees and timelines. Many questions will be asked to ensure the project aligns your needs with my services.
    3. Project kickoff. Once projects are agreed upon, the first payment is made. I start getting to work.
    4. Project flow. Additional contact may be necessary to receive and discuss relevant background materials, as well as logistics/paperwork (e.g., security, agreements, non-disclosure). Otherwise, I'm hard at work on the project.
    5. Safety check. The nearly final project is shared and discussed. We review feedback and what changes should be made to polish the rough edges.
    6. Campfires out. The project is completed by the intended date. Final payment is made. We setup more projects, or say goodbye until the next time camp is in session.
  • How does billing work?

    • Fees are transparently disclosed for each service. When services are bundled, such as through a Social Media Playbook, the total fee may vary.
    • Pojects are structured based on a fee, not an hourly rate. This ensures that you will receive the agreed output, instead of worrying about hours. For accounts payable processing, a rate can be provided, but this is really just math to match the overall project fee.
    • Half of the project fee is billed once the project is approved. This reserves my time to begin working on the project, and helps ensure the project is starting in trust and good faith. The other half of the fee is billed closer to the project's completion date.
    • The payment schedule can be discussed.
  • What do you think of marketing eye rolls?

    I hate them and I don't use them. I do not:

    • Call myself an expert, guru, or wizard
    • Describe myself in the third-person
    • Publish lots of pictures of myself
    • Tell you I know something if I actually do not
    • Claim marketing "secrets," "hacks," or "best practices"
    • Use lots of jargon without explanation
    • Write LinkedIn broetry
    • Use annoying pop-ups, lead forms, landing pages, funnels, courses, sales, subscriptions, or offers
    • Use virtual assistants, affiliates, third-parties, pass-through or other outsourced services
    • Use cold calls, lead scoring, display ads, trade show booths, email nurture/drip campaigns, chatbots, multi-touch attribution software, sales engagement platforms, sponsored webinars, content syndication, ebooks, whitepapers, blogging, or data scraping
    • Worry much about SEO
    • Add you to a mailing list without your permission
    • Retain confidential communications or files without permission; they are deleted upon project completion
    • Share confidential information with others
    • Host "fireside chats" (despite the Safe Camp theme)
  • What are some questions you might ask me?

    • What are your business, marketing, and social media goals?
    • Where is the business headed this year? The next three years?
    • What is your dream or vision for your social media presence?
    • What do you want social media to do, that it isn't doing today?
    • What does "great" social media look like to you?
    • What differentiates your brand? What is its purpose?
    • What gets customers or key audiences interested in the brand?
    • How does the brand help people?
    • Who are you trying to reach?
    • Do you have budget for paid social media promotion?
    • What questions are you trying to test or answer?
    • What keeps you up at night?
    • Do you want to partner with a trusted advisor?
    • How can I help you?

  • Can I refer your services?

    Do you know of organizations or brands that could use help with their social media efforts? I always appreciate a referral.

  • Do you sell courses?

    Not at this time. I offer strategy and process as a service or digital product.

  • Why isn't your URL "" ?

    I'm working on it! I'm trying to get in touch with the domain owner. If you have any tips, I'd appreciate them!

  • Who designed the Safe Camp logo?

    I did! It is based on the unicode symbol for Safe Camp. The "building" animation of the logo was created by Jamie Pugliese.

  • I'd love to pick your you offer any free services or products?

    Thank you for thinking of me! At this time I do not take on unpaid projects. However, please see the services and products I offer on this site, as well as a wealth of my thoughts in the Field Notes.

  • Where else can I find you online?

    Connect with me on LinkedIn | Twitter | Substack | Medium | Pocket

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